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VIP rakeback 100% up to $600

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PokerStars is the biggest poker room on the planet, twice the size of their nearest rival and getting bigger all the time. The reason why they are the biggest is because they have the best customer service, biggest tournaments and most generous VIP scheme in all of the online poker market.

They have more traffic than anyone else, so you will never struggle to find games. The software is superb and ideal for mass multitabling.



Pokerstars has a truly impressive background. How could it not? In 10 years it became by far the biggest online poker room.

It all began in 2001 when Pokerstars launched an online version of play money games. In just two months, first real money game was played. The most successful year for Pokerstars was 2006 when U.S. congress passed UIGEA and most of the rooms left the U.S. market. Pokerstars remained opened to the US players and soon became the world's largest poker room. However, due to the restrictions and laws US players were banned 5 years later, on July 1st. 2011.

On 31 March 2011 recorded its 60 billionth hand played. The winner of the hand, Michael Rumsey aka Pogo650 took home over $102.000[1].  

November, 2012 90 billion hands played. Watch out for 100 Billion in early-to-mid 2013!    


The game variety is truly overwhelming at Pokerstars. They over the largest selection of poker games on the whole market: Texas Holdem, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo 8 or Better, Stud including High and Low (8 or Better), Razz, 5 card poker, 2 to 7 and even Badugi. And that is far from all. At Pokerstars you can also play less common, but still very popular: HORSE, HOSE, Triple Stud, variations of mix'ed Hold'em and Omaha and much more.

PokerStars games can be played for free at or for real money at Real money game stakes vary from $0.01/$0.02 to $1000/$2000. See table below:

StakesStart at:
End at:
No Limit Games 2 cents / 1 cent  $400 / $200
Fixed Limit Games 4 cents / 2 cents  $2000 / $1000


Pokerstars is the most popular site for a serious reason. Every kind of player will find a type of game, type of stakes and type of level that suits him best. There are plenty of beginner players at the lowst stakes while High stakes have great players you can compete - Daniel Negreanu, Randy Lew, Isaac Haxton, Johnathan Duhamel and many more.  


PokerStars VIP Program aka Rakeback

PokerStars does not offer rakeback. But do not worry for a second because Pokerstars VIP players get much more than just rakeback. The best part is that at PokerStars player becomes a VIP with the very first real money hand played.

Why is VIP Program better than rakeback?

First of all, because Pokerstars offers the best VIP Club in the business. Without a doubt. The rewards you get for playing at Pokerstars may reach up to 74% equivalent of rakeback.

PokerStars Monthly and Annual Rakeback

Secondly, the VIP levels are relatively easy to reach. Therefore, the first bonuses for playing at Pokerstars will be available to you straight away.

Thirdly, the whole VIP system is really flexible which gives you a chance to make your way up the top levels in a variety of ways. It is up to you to choose which one do you prefer.

How does it work?

When you play at Pokerstars you collect VIP Player Points as well as Frequent Player Points (up to 5 FPP's per 1 VPP, depending on your VIP level).

  • VPP is a determiner of in which VIP level you are. Also, with VPP you can purchase VIP Stellar Rewards and Milestone Cash Credits which, in fact, is cash delivered right to your account. Actually, piles of cash - up to $136,800 per year.
  • FPP is a Pokerstars currency. It can be used at VIP store, as entrance fee at different tournaments or even exchanged into cash.

When you play your first hand at Pokerstars – you automatically become a a BronzeStar VIP. You can use your FPP's at the VIP store, enter a variety of VIP tournaments or use your points for Stellar Rewards. But the higher you go through the levels, the more benefits you will receive including bonuses equivalent to up to 74% of cash generated in rake back. Let's firstly look at table of what rewards you will be granted with as you advance through the VIP levels.


PokerStars VIP Rewards:
Cash Credits
Main Event
BronzeStar x x x    
SilverStar x x x    
GoldStar x x x    
PlatinumStar x x x    
Supernova x x x x x
Supernova Elite x x x x x


In addition to these great rewards you will also get more FPP's per same amount of VPP's you collect:

VIP points requirements

For example: a player enters a tournament with a $10 + 1.5 buy in. In different levels the amount of FPP's will vary.

  • In BronzeStar $1.5 fee generates 8.2 VPP's and the same amount of FPP's.
  • In SilverStar the same amount of 8.2 VPP's will be multiplied x1.5 and generate 12.3 FPP's.
  • In GoldStar you will get twice FPP's from the amount of VPP's (8.2*2 = 16.2 FPP's) .
  • PlatinumStar has a multiplier rate x2.5 and the previous 8.2VPP's would generate 20.5 FPP's
  • In SuperNova VPP's are multiplied x3.5 (8.2 * 3.5 = 28.7 FPP's)
  • SuperNova Elite has a fantastic x5 rate which would generate 41 FPP's from $1.5 fee.

And that is not all. At Pokerstars you will also win free tickets to many great valued tournaments as well as free packages to live events of your choice worth $26,000. Plus, a free seat at the WCOOP main event which is worth $2,600.

So, that is the Pokerstars way of how to collect easy points. But just gathering points is a bit boring.. The fun begins when you decide to splash your points. And there is a selection to chose from. As we mentioned before, you can buy hundreds of various pieces of quality merchandise. Free entries to tournaments or cash are also available. But Pokerstars has something very special for their committed players.

A reward available to you from the first hand is Stellar Reward. An option when you can unlock cash rewards by collecting VPP's. You can unlock up to $1,200 to your account. When you earn the required amount of VPP's – purchase the reward at VIP Store for 1 FPP. Moreover, when you unlock all twenty levels – you will become a SuperNova VIP.

Similar to Stella Reward there is Milestones Cash Credit option which is accessible only at SuperNova and SuperNova Elite. This is also a program giving the players cash bonuses. The only difference is the amount available – up to $136,800.


Yearly VPP:Milestone Cash Credit: Cash Credits:
 200,000  $2,600  $2,600
 300,000  $2,800  $5,400
 400,000  $3,000  $8,400
 500,000  $3,200  $11,600
 600,000  $3,600  $15,200
 700,000  $3,800  $19,000
 800,000  $4,200  $23,200
 1,000,000  $20,000***  $43,200
 1,250,000  $9,200  $52,400
 1,500,000  $9,200  $61,600
 1,750,000  $9,200  $70,800
 2,000,000  $19,200  $90,000
 2,250,000  $9,200  $99,200
 2,500,000  $9,200  $108,400
 2,750,000  $9,200  $117,600
 3,000,000  $19,200  $136,800


The VPP's you collect will determine what new bonus will be unlocked at the VIP store. ***Even more, 1,000,000 VPP's will give you a special $20,000 bonus as well as SuperNova Elite status. Keep in mind, that all bonuses, once the VPP's required are collected, can be purchased for 1 FPP at the VIP store.[2]



By playing at the world's most popular poker room, Pokerstars you automatically participate in their multi-table tournament leaderboard program. There are only a few rules you should know.

When you finish in the top 15% of any real money multi-table tournament you collect Tournament Leader Board (TLB) points. These points determine your place on the Weekly, Monthly and Yearly leaderboards.

The results do not count from:

  • VIP Freerolls
  • Sit&Go's with under 40 players
  • Satellites
  • Heads-up tournaments
  • Shootouts
  • Private and restricted-entry tournaments

The points that do count are only from a limited amount of your best results so keep in mind that here is quality of your performance more important than quantity.

  • Weekly Leaderboard – 10 best results
  • Monthly Leaderboard – 20 best results
  • Yearly Leaderboard – 100 best results

If you would like to count your points, you can download a MS Excel file with  formula here. Just fill in three variables: player count, your place and the buy-in (0 if you played a freeroll) and you will know how many TLB points did you earn. Also, if buy-in is in FPP then fill in $0.0161 for every FPP. For example, in a case of the buy-in of 3FPP you would have to write 0.0483 (3*0.0161).

The prizes:

Weekly Leaderboard

The winner gets a heads-up game of his choice against a member of PokerstarsPro. If the challenger wins, he gets $1000. If he looses, the the same amount is added up to the next week's prizepool. The game is scheduled every Sunday at 14:00 ET.

Monthly Leaderboard

Each player in Top200 wins a share of  $30,000 (check the table below). The Top1000 players wins seats at a $20.000 freeroll.

PlacePrize in USD
1 5000
2 3000
3 2000
4 1000
5 750
6 500
7 400
8 350
9 300
10 250
11 to 25 200
26 to 50 150
51 to 100 100
100 to 200 50

Yearly Leaderboard

In 2004 the first winner of this leaderboard had collected 22,733  TLB points. Last year, the players with the same amount were not even in Top20. The winner collected that year 49,237 to win. As the competition is constantly rising only the best of the best will reach the top of Yearly Leaderboard. But it is worth it because the Top 3 will get PokerStars passports to the live events of their choice .

  1. A five-stamp PokerStars Passport
  2. A three-stamp PokerStars Passport
  3. A two-stamp PokerStars Passport

In total, the winners of Yearly Leaderboard will get packages worth over $140.000. Also, every player in Top100 will get a seat at a $100.000 freeroll.


Pokerstars organizes the most anticipated tournaments live as well as online. From live events is well known Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) with prizes over $2 million. The two most popular tournaments at Pokerstars is the most popular in all of the online poker world:

  • World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) - the largest annual online poker series in the world with 1st  place prize exceeding $5 million.
  • Sunday Millions – a weekly tournament with $1 million guaranteed prizepool.

Below is an extract from the 2008 WCOOP #5 event:

We will also mention that Pokerstars holds a record for hosting the biggest online tournament in the world since 27 December 2009 which was played by 149,196 players. The buy-in to the tournament was $1 [3].



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2. PokerStars Milestone Promo

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